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Low Cost EMC Testing UK Video.

Low Cost Pre-Compliance EMC Testing Within The UK From as little as £390 + VAT Call: 01207 238777 or email EMC Testing UK : Whether you are a small cottage industry building guitar amplifiers, or a large high volume manufacturer supplying switched mode power supplies, all products sold must […]

Anechoic Chamber : EMC Testing UK

Anechoic Chambers Full Anechoic Chambers aim to absorb energy in all directions. Semi anechoic chambers have a solid floor that acts as a work surface for supporting heavy items, such as cars, washing machines, or industrial machinery, rather than the mesh floor grille over absorbent tiles found in full anechoic […]

EMC testing UK : Low Cost

EMC testing is a series of tests to ensure the product’s electromagnetic compatibility. EMC compliance is a mandatory requirement in most markets including Europe, the U.S., China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. No electrical product or installation can be designed or launched into the market unless all aspects of EMC […]

Biconical Antenna : Low Cost EMC Testing UK

A biconical antenna is a broad-bandwidth antenna made of two roughly conical conductive objects, nearly touching at their points. Biconical antennas are broadband dipole antennas, typically exhibiting a bandwidth of 3 octaves or more. The biconical antenna has a broad bandwidth because it is an example of a traveling wave […]

EMC Radiated Emissions

Radiated Emissions Within the field of EMC, the term Radiated Emissions refers to the unintentional release of electromagnetic energy from an electronic device or apparatus. Any electronic device may generate Electromagnetic fields that unintentionally propagate away from the device’s structure. In general, Radiated Emissions are usually associated with non-intentional radiators, […]

Low Cost EMC Testing UK

EMCTESTINGUK invest in a new 30MHz to 1GHz biconical EMC Test Antenna for radiated emissions. The biconical antennas are suitable for interference field strength measurement. The specialized broadband characteristics allow measurements to be taken in the complete specified frequency range without switching. These antennas are suitable for measurement according to […]

Radiated Emissions EMC Testing UK. The Low Cost Solution for UK Customers

EMCTESTINGUK invest in a new Spectrum Analyzer for high frequency radiated emissions testing EMC Testing. Rohde and Schwarz HMS-X Spectrum Analyzer.  EMC Testing UK Key facts: • Frequency range: 100 kHz to 1.6 GHz / 3 GHz • HMS1010/HMS3010 tracking generator: –20 dBm to 0 dBm • Amplitude measurement range: […]