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EMC TESTINGUK is a part of KBO Dynamics International which is a world leading design consultancy and supplier of high performance electronic power and control devices / bespoke embedded control systems. Due to popular demand from our customers we offer low cost EMC compliance testing.

Many customers like to evaluate EMC requirements during development, before the product is sent to an EMC UK test house. Having tests done during development reduces the likelihood of having to redesign the product to meet CE safety and EMC requirements.

A pre-compliance EMC test is a cost effective way to obtain a ‘look and see’ evaluation of a products EMC performance and it can also provide assurance that minor modifications have not affected compliance. Pre-compliance testing data can also be used as part of a technical construction file, demonstrating CE / EMC compliance.

In addition to pre-compliance EMC testing, we can also offer a technical assessment to improve performance if the need arises.

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Technical Construction File

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An EMC testing report is required to form part of a technical construction file to demonstrate that the product has been assessed for CE compliance. A technical construction file must include a report or certificate asserting EMC compliance. All products marked with CE must have an EMC report.

As with the standards route to conformity, the manufacturer is ultimately responsible for the Declaration of Conformity. A manufacturer has to show that the product in question is designed to meet the EMC and safety requirements of the operating environment. This is accomplished by showing that appropriate measures have been taken in the design, which are verified by test data and/or a theoretical assessment.