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The pressure to bring new products to the UK market faster and cheaper, while maintaining high quality level has never been greater. Keeping design projects on schedule and within budget, is a constant battle. For most electrical and electronic products, add to this challenge the necessity of complying with electromagnetic compatibility EMC requirements in order to sell in global markets. Non-compliant products are at risk of being recalled or stopped at customs, which can negatively impact brand image. Thus, ensuring EMC compliance for your products becomes critical for your company’s success.

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What is Radiated Emissions EMC Testing?

Radiated emissions testing, involves measuring the electromagnetic field strength of the emissions that are unintentionally generated by your product. Emissions are inherent to the switching voltages and currents within any digital circuit, the only question is: how large are the emissions and do they comply with the emissions limits?

What Is Conducted Emissions Testing

Your device creates electromagnetic energy and a certain portion of it will be conducted onto the power supply cord. In order to restrict the amount of interference your device can couple back onto a power supply, it is necessary to measure these emissions (usually from 150 kHz – 30 MHz, and verify that they comply with specified limits. This helps to ensure that the local power supply remains relatively ‘clean’ and nearby devices won’t be affected by your device.

Conducted emissions testing, is usually performed on devices that connect to an AC power supply. That is regardless of whether you’re using a pre-certified AC-DC power supply adapter. For some standards, there are also limits placed on devices that operate from a DC power supply.

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