Technical Construction File / Self Certification

A Technical construction file is required for self-certification / CE marking.The purpose of the technical construction is to provide technical documentation for the product to demonstrate conformity for the relevant legislation. The technical documentation can play a vital role in protecting a company, as it will retain information on how the product was designed and manufactured providing evidence of the efforts undertaken to ensure the product remains fully compliant to the relevant Directives and Regulations. The Technical Construction File or Technical File are references to the same documentation, the name refers to a collection of technical documentation used to provide evidence of compliance. This is required in order to CE mark the product.

What is contained with a Technical Construction File or Technical File depends on the relevant product safety Directives applicable to the product, but generally it should include:

technical_file_for CE marking

technical construction file

Information concerning the products design assessment and construction
Information showing how relevant essential requirements have been met
Component date sheets
Evidence of RoHS compliance
EMC Test report : radiated & conducted emissions
Safety test report, for example according to the Low Voltage Directive
Risk assessment
Copy of the user instructions
Copy of labels / CE marking
BOM : Bill of Materials
The above list is not exhaustive of what can be kept in the technical file, other relevant information may also be added. Normally the technical file does not have to be permanently available in material form, or located within the territory, however it must be made available to either the manufacturer’s authorised representative or the importer of the product as appropriate upon request. It is common for small businesses to self-certify their products , with the aid of a Technical Construction File or Technical file containing the relevant information as referenced above. A manufacturer must have this in order to CE mark the product

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